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The Post [|] has a second issue. This one right here. Our second issue. And we're calling it Volume 2, Number 1. Volume 2 because this is the second academic year of our exciting journal, and Number 1 because it's the first one this academic year. Welcome to you, our reader, on this momentous occasion! We're hoping you find this collection of writings in Lakehead University's Peer-Reviewed Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Journal informative, interesting and relevant.

Of course, we keep doing this exactly because we think it's all both relevant and interesting, and we want to share some highlights of the research done by Lakehead's undergraduate student body. Sharing our relevant observations about the world in which we live is important, and in these papers we present some of the research and conclusions made by people from Lakehead's undergraduate community. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have cited one of our articles in an academic paper, if an article has piqued your interest, or if you want to be a contibutor to the process. The Post [|] always needs people from the student body to read and review articles that are being considered for publication. We also look for articles to publish, and want to help foster a culture of research and sharing of ideas. The reserach club at Lakehead, called "Digging Deeper" meets every now and again, and we do have regular Wednesday events in RB2028 known as "Research Wednesdays". This weekly discussion and study time is from 1 PM to 3 PM in the Open Access Media Publishing Lab in the Ryan Building (RB2028), with discussions on a variety of topics as well as some open study time in our quiet workspace.

A great big thanks to everyone who submitted articles for consideration in the review process for this and our forthcoming issue. Thanks and congrats to Emmet Smith, Jennifer Pranger, Jake O'Flaherty, and Maeghan Chassé. These four are the writers whose work is featured in this issue.

We'd like to thank to all of the reviewers involved in helping with the production of v.2#1: Tyson Bouchard, Austin Burr, Taylor Covino, Cameo Ferguson, Nichole Kinzel, Connor Mantey, Jennifer Pranger, Emmet Smith, Kira White, and Nikklas Wilson.

Many thanks to Shayla Hickerson, for having drive and talent, and for giving us permission to use the marvellous charcoal and graphite drawing to visually represent us for this issue. It's a little abstract. It's a little like a discussion. It's a little like it doesn't quite tell you what to think about it. It's great to have such an expressive image made by someone who is here on the ground sharing the Lakehead experience.

Thanks to Moira Davidson, Lakehead University Chancellor Paterson Library Services, Justin Michel, Lakehead University Web Development Services, and some extra thanks to Jason Zou, Lakehead University Chancellor Paterson Library Services. Thanks to the Public Knowledge Project and everyone who has contributed to the Open journal Systems project, which has given all of us this tremendous software resource. This journal looks great and is so wonderfully functional in no small part because of a huge team of tremendous people, and open source software still means that the developers and contributors don't get paid.

Thank you as ever to Dr Scott Pound, Eminence Grise and Lakehead University Faculty Liaison, for guidance, input, and the occasional subtle reminder that building a culture of sharing our research benefits everyone.

Most of all we'd like to thank your, our reader! Thanks for taking the time to read, and thanks for supporting undergraduate research at LU!

If you are a Lakehead University undergraduate student and are looking for an opportunity to be involved in the production of this journal, please email us at, or talk to someone who you know is involved. We do live an a world that has become transfixed by social media and the technology of connectivity, and it's true that this journal is actually mostly only possible because of our information culture. Still, word of mouth is where it's at, and it's still true that some business is best done in person.

graphic be Shayla Hickerson

Vol 2, No 1 (2016)

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Jennifer Pranger
Jake O'Flaherty
Emmet Smith
Maeghan Chassé